You'll Never Get Into The Wrong Lyft Again

Lyft announced today a solution to what’s fast becoming a common problem of city living in the rideshare age. You’ve just tapped an app for a ride, but so, it seems, has everyone else standing at the corner. How are you to know which Uber or Lyft is yours?

In an email Lyft sent to customers today titled ”The Big Reveal,” the rideshare company announced it would start using color-coding – a feature it’s calling Lyft Amp – to help drivers and passengers locate each other more easily.

The Amp icon sits on the driver’s dashboard, lights up, and changes color. When you ride with a driver who has one, “the color in your Lyft app will match the glow of your driver's Amp,” the email said.


“This way,” Lyft wrote in a blog post, “you’ll know you’ve got the right car, even when there’s a crowd.”

The email also alluded to Amp’s ability to provide personalized greetings and localized surprises.

Lyft said it will roll out the Amp feature during the first part of the year in select U.S. cities. That’s good news to any customer who has spent too long squinting at a license plate or awkwardly entered the wrong car.

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